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Shop Air Filter Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Shop Air Filter plansFree Shop Air Filter plans - Pictured here is my Shop Built Air Filtration System.. You are looking at the exhaust end. It is a very simple construction -- basically, just a box. The top, sides, and bottom are 1/2 in. plywood I had sitting around the shop. Everything is screwed together -- no nails or glue, just in case I need to take it apart sometime. The size was dictated by the shape and size of the blower. I used a 1500 CFM fan blower unit rescued from a HVAC place near my house. The price? $20. You'll also notice the small timer switch on the right. This is a 1 hour timer with automatic shutoff. Whenever I'm done in the shop I give it a half hour twist to finish filtering all the dust hanging in the air. If I were to do this over again, I'd get the 4 hour timer instead. I keep having to turn this back on every hour, and it always manages to turn off when I've got my hearing protection on and some piece of power equipment, so I might not notice that it is off for several mintues..

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