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Prairie Style lantern Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Prairie Style lantern plansFree Prairie Style lantern plans - This beautiful lantern will light up your deck or patio for years to come. There's one thing I love about wood that's always missing from Canadian Home Workshop. It's something best experienced up close, in the workshop. What's missing from these pages is the smell of wood. Nothing, in my mind, beats the clean resinous scent of newly cut pine. Or the warm, slightly spicy smell of cedar. And the wood for this project has a smell like no other. A hundred years ago, a redwood tree in California was logged and milled, and some of its wood was made into a giant vat. For decades after, this vat stored and aged California red wine. When the vat was no longer usable, its boards were carefully removed and the wood reclaimed. I saw some for sale at Timeless Materials, an architectural salvage company in Heidelberg, Ont. When I smelled this wood-and the wine that was steeped into it-I knew I had to use it for something special.

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