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Basic Workbench Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Basic Workbench plansFree Basic Workbench plans - Even if youre a wizard with tools, you cant cut a straight line or plane a true edge without a solid surface to work on. A rickety table or wobbly counter cant securely support your work. And with power tools, a shaky surface is downright dangerous. A good workbench is literally the foundation of good work.What makes a good workbench? First, it should be strong and sturdy. The top should be thick enough to withstand pounding and large enough to handle everything from cabinets to lawn mowers. It should be level and flat so any assembly you do on it will be accurate. It should be the right height for you to stand and work comfortably. And it should be heavy enough so that it won't move or vibrate.

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