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Simple Garage Or Outdoor Building Plans
There is a dirty conspiracy going on for years where companies are charging hundreds of dollars just for one simple garage plan. Today I am about to do something that is radically different than has ever been done before. I am going to allow you...

Air Filter for a Clean Computer
After getting a new shop computer, all was happy until the computer case fans started to whine and make way too much noise. Popping the side off the case revealed about half a pound of dust bunnies and that the fans had a thick coat of crud on...

Air Filtration System
During the seemingly interminable winter of '97 I made a trip to my local shopping mall which, to my chagrin, is the very same place that some people refer to as the landfill. On this day, I was shopping for a squirrel cage fan that would...

Bandsaw Dustcollection
The bandsaw can be one of the most difficult pieces of equipment to efficiently connect to your dust collection system. The connection chute on most saws, if they give you one at all, is not very good. Delta makes a great 14 bandsaw, but their...

Blind Depth Gauge for Cyclone Barrels
Drill a hole in the top of your collection bin to receive a wooden dowel as tightly as possible. Might need to add an end stopper to keep it from falling in when the bin is empty. When you want to check the fill level, just lift up on the dowel...

One of my most frequently emailed questions is why should I use your cyclone design when virtually every other small shop cyclone gets high magazine ratings and praise? The simple answer is my cyclone design moves more air, uses less power, and...

Drum Sander Vacuum
Mounting a drum sander on a drill press is a great way to sand the edge of a curved workpiece. But it produces very fine sawdust that’s unhealthy to breathe -- and a nuisance. So to cut down on the sawdust, I built an auxiliary drum sander...

Dust Collection At The Lathe
I started with a packing box so I could cut and fit while I tried to find a way to install a more permanent collection hood that would still give me access for turning and sanding. In the end, the permanent solution was to find a better box. If I...

Dust Collection Floor Sweep
Floor sweep for woodworking shop 4 inch dust collection system. To be used with blast gate. Made with simple angles, 1/2 plywood, and 4 inch sewer and drain rated thin wall PVC pipe.

Dust Free Cross Cutting Station
This combination mitre-saw station and tool-storage centre keeps dust under control and maximizes space. This shop project does it all: it adds efficiency, accuracy and much needed storage space, all the while keeping your workshop air cleaner. I...

Radial Arm Saw Dust Collection
The radial arm saw ... you either hate 'em or love 'em. No one can argue that they are difficult to connect to a dust collection system. But you can get 90% or more of the dust with a very simple box collector. This page describes how I did it.

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