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Roll-around Tool Cabinet Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Roll-around Tool Cabinet  plansFree Roll-around Tool Cabinet plans - So many bench-top style tools are available today it's easy to accumulate several, including table saws, jointers, sanders, scroll saws, planers and others. With either purchased or shop-made individual stands, the tools can take up a lot of room. The bench/cabinet shown can easily be rolled out for access to a variety of tools placed on top. It features a large bench top with locking rollers, and the huge storage cabinet beneath provides space for other bench-top or tool accessory storage with access from both front and back. When you aren't using any of the tools on the bench top, merely roll the cabinet against a wall or into a corner out of the way. I keep the cabinet against a wall most of the time, using the front as a bench top for a sanding station, including a spindle sander and combination disc/belt sander. The rear of the bench top holds tools less frequently used—a mortising machine is bolted in place, and a scroll saw is positioned on one corner, but not fastened down. The same space can be used to hold a dovetail jig that is bolted to a board. The board is simply clamped to the bench top to hold the jig firmly in place. A bench-top router table is also fastened to the bench top in the same manner when needed. A bench-top clamp dog is used in both instances to secure the tools in place. A power strip is fastened to one side of the cabinet, and the tool cords are plugged into it. This prevents having lots of cords entangling the bench top. I didn't place doors on the unit because I wanted easier access to the tools and accessories, but doors could easily be added, along with a locking hasp as was shown in the locking tool cabinet article in Extreme How-To's May ‘06 issue. I also didn't apply any finish to the piece, but it could be stained, varnished or painted.

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