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Childs Chalkboard Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Childs Chalkboard plansFree Childs Chalkboard plans - Kids love chalkboards as it gives them a place to be creative, play school or to add and subtract. All children love to draw and doodle. Crayons and/or markers on paper are a great choice...but errors made with these materials can be difficult or impossible to correct. On the other hand, colored chalks on a chalkboard like this can be a lot less frustrating...and that can make everything a lot more fun, too. Just let these easy-to-follow plans guide you to the creation of a project that\'s handsome enough to display in any room of the house...and enjoyable enough that your favorite kid (or kids) will look forward to hours on end of self-entertainment. We made this one out of hard maple with contrasting cherry drawer sides. Both of these are durable woods that are a true joy to work with.

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