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Drill Press Inserts Plans

Category:Workshop Drilling Jigs and Accessories
Date added:2011-09-08
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Drill Press Inserts plansFree Drill Press Inserts plans - As any drill press user knows, trying to clamp a workpiece directly to the cast iron table can be trying. The reinforcing ribs on the underside of the table can sometimes make positioning and tightening a clamp nearly impossible. After struggling with this problem for far too long, I resolved to solve it. As you can see in the drawing, I simply cut plywood inserts to fill the spaces between the ribs and provide a flat, solid clamping surface on the underside of the table. I cut slots in the the inserts to match the slots in the table so I can still make use of this option. Then the inserts are just stuck in place with silicone adhesive. Now clamping a workpiece to the table is quick and effortless. And my only regret is not having made this modification a lot sooner.

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