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Carved Owl Plans

Category:Coat Racks and Coat Trees
Date added:2011-09-08
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Carved Owl plansFree Carved Owl plans - The owl is a departure from Amateur Woodworker\'s normal type of project in that it involves carving rather than the more usual woodworking skills. However, it is still in keeping with AWs philosophy of needing just a handful of tools. In fact, if anything, this project requires less power tools than normal, although a couple of carving chisels will certainly help things along. The carved owl is a variation on a traditional Russian design and can be used as an ornament, or as a functional coat hook. The beauty of building such an owl is that there is not necessarily a right and a wrong way of completing it. This particular owl, for example, is a variation of one I saw published several years ago. I did not like the final finish of the original, nor did I agree with the level of detail provided, so I modified to fit my own taste. The wood used for this particular owl was Lyme -- perfect for carving -- although redwood can also be used.

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