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Oak Mailbox Project Plans

Date added:2011-09-08
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Oak Mailbox Project plansFree Oak Mailbox Project plans - This is a great project for those that need something simple to get started with. Made from white oak this mailbox is finished with cherry stain. Instructions and dimensions are free, however they charge a small fee if you want the actual plans. Well, my wife finally decided what she was going to get her mother for her Birthday. A couple of months ago she started thinking about getting her a nice wood mailbox, not one of the cheap ones you can get at the department stores though. My wife wanted to get her a nice handmade one. After going online and looking at some of the high end, hand made mailboxes that are offered I got some good ideas. However, on the cover of the February/ March issue of Canadian Woodworking there is a real nice oak mailbox with copper arms for the newspapers. The one I made was similar to this one. I used the same wood and much of the same finish as the one on the cover of the magazine but used my own dimensions (I have nott got the arms done yet though).

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