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Model Trains For Beginners Plans
Have you ever wondered how you could have one of those amazingly realistic looking and incredibly well detailed model train layouts in the space you have available and within your budgetÉ no matter how limited your space or budget may be? Have...

Wooden Bunny Puzzle
Here's a unique and fun wood project that is child friendly! Three bunnies are cut in a cleaver way that allows them to form a puzzle. They fit together snugly and are painted as one to look like a mother bunny snuggling with her little ones....

Airplane Whirligig
This model P-51 Mustang adds a whimsical touch to your yard or garden

Another desktop trebuchet experiment
Here is the second project, a floating arm straight drop trebuchet. I started design and build after seeing pictures of a real machine that would throw 12lb balls 300 feet, just from a 470lb counterweight. The tip of the arm stands about 9"...

Another small HCW trebuchet
This trebuchet came about cos I haven't done any treb work for over a year, and got the bug again. And, I'd been meaning to build a 6 feet tall HCW treb to throw golf balls (or similar) but wanted it to look traditional. This meant lots of...

Auburn Toy Car
A New England Wood worker shares free woodworking plans and tips with amateur woodworkers. Huge resource of wood working plans and services for wood workers

Auto and House Trailer Toy
THIS type of toy is well liked among the youngsters because of the disassembly feature. The wheels are of the same design and size as those used on the Auto Toy, on page 38. Both bodies and trailer top are cut from 13/4 inch hardwood stock. The...

Automobile toy
Playing games is an integral part of every person’s life. The game is very important for growing up the child and learning, because children fully concentrate to it, they have a great joy during the play and their approach to the game is...

Bamboo Bike
Bicycles built with bamboo frames are inexpensive to make, strong, and durable. Here is how they are made, and how a team of engineers and bike enthusiasts hopes to make bamboo bike building a thriving, locally owned business in Africa and beyond....

Bandsaw Puzzle Cubes
Make sure your bandsaw blade is square to the table, both left & right and fore & aft. The larger the puzzle cube, the less error you can get away with. Kerf width forgives some inaccuracy, but not much.

Basic Wooden Kart
This kart is very simple to build, and the detailed plans do not have to be adhered to strictly as there is plenty of scope for individual flair and ideas when it come to the making and building of this kart. The first link on this page gives a...

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