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Ladder Golf Game Plans

Date added:2011-09-08
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Ladder Golf Game plansFree Ladder Golf Game plans - Although the game is challenging, the building project is very uncomplicated. A new backyard toss game known as Ladder Golf, Bolo Toss, or Hillbilly Golf is sweeping the country. Search EBay and you will find a huge list of people selling both pre-made sets and plans for making sets. Keep reading though, and you will be able to get those plans for free! Being a resident of the Cincinnati area, I recently was turned onto Ladder Golf when my friends and I began to grow tired of playing the Cornhole toss game that Cincinnati put on the map. Now the Cincinnati area is beginning to set its site on this new game which challenges its players to throw golf balls on ropes at ladder bases in the hopes of getting them to stick to the rungs. The game is challenging, addictive, tons of fun, and a set is very easily and economically made.

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