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Children Playhouse plans
If you are interested in building aĘPlayhouseĘin your backyard for your children, then this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.ĘPlans for playhouseĘis a new site we have put together because of overwhelming interest...

Wooden Wall Calendar Holder
This hansome mahogany wall calendar holder is the perfect way to display your 10 3/4 x 13 decorator calendar. Changing the calendar monthly is easy, just slide it out to turn the page. Messages can easily be notated while the calendar is in the...

Wooden Wonderworld Jolly Roger Push Toy
I really did a lot of searching before deciding on a push toy to draw plans for. I wanted it to be heavy enough, but not too heavy, cute, but not to girly or boyish, and perhaps to serve another purpose along with being a push toy...Tall order,...

Yo Yo
Here is a great example of the power of doing it yourself. Despite also owning a few high-tech yo-yos, this homemade yo-yo is the one I use most often. The size and shape are all custom fit to my hand. Most importantly, the fact that I made it...

Zen Garden
This project comes from our son-in-law Matt. He is a fine woodworker and makes this Zen Garden as a really neat gift.

Zen Rock Garden
Through Zen philosophy, one can experience the large in the small. And in a grain of sand, glimpse the meaning of the world.

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