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Model Trains For Beginners Plans
Have you ever wondered how you could have one of those amazingly realistic looking and incredibly well detailed model train layouts in the space you have available and within your budgetÉ no matter how limited your space or budget may be? Have...

Bug barn
Show your kids how to build this bug barn while teaching them about workshop safety. I built these colourful bug barns with my daughters, Michelle and Emily. Before we started this project, I kidproofed the shop. I unplugged equipment, hung up...

Build-it-yourself boomerang
A fun and simple toy to build with your kids. Grab a chunk of randomly shaped 1/4"-thick plywood and throw it as hard as you can. It won’t travel more than 10 or 20 yards. But take that same plywood and give it a specific shape and...

Calendar Frame
This frame can be made from either hardwood, oak, maple etc. or a softwood such as pine, the back is not seen so can be any 1/8" thick plywood or a scrap of panelling. The calendar slides into the slots cut in the frame, and is removed to change...

Camel Puzzles
Free Camel Puzzles Plan

Candy dispenser
M&M or other small candy dispenser

Child’s Growth Chart
Learn how to build a child's growth chart; includes plans and step-by-step instructions along with tips, materials, and tools lists.

Child’s Growth Picture Stick
Now that our grandson is growing it's fun to measure his height to see how fast he is growing. This growth picture stick not only tracks his growth but provides a space for pictures so you can see what he looked like at a certain height.

Child's Height Chart
Create the child's height chart and you will have a lasting memento of your child's growth.

Childs Toolbox
Build this toolbox with your child or make it as a gift, filled with small size tools it makes a fantastic birthday or Christmas present. You will probably be asked to make one for adults as well, it is handy in the garden or workshop as a tote...

Christmas Presents
Making Christmas presents in your shop for family and friends triples the fun. You have the pleasure of woodworking and the pleasure of giving hand-made gifts, and the receiver will appreciate the thought and effort that goes into a hand-made...

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