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Push and play noisemaker toy Plans

Date added:2011-09-08
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Push and play noisemaker toy plansFree Push and play noisemaker toy plans - I will warn you right up front: this push mower makes lots of noise, but it was fun to build and kids love it. That said, in my experience, noise is exactly what all kids like in a good plaything. As they push it across the floor, the noisemaker blocks swing back and forth, knocking on the dowels, making a rhythmic clack-clack-clack sound. Its unique character draws lots of attention. Young visitors, as well as the young-at-heart, often want to have a look, a push and a listen. The curves, the wheels, the contrasting wood colours and the complex appearance of the mechanism all work together to make it a nice project. And because I have used an old-fashioned reel mower to cut my lawn for years, it only seemed appropriate to make a push toy in the shape of such a mower for my son.

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