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Boy's Motor Car Plans

Date added:2011-09-08
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Boy's Motor Car plansFree Boy's Motor Car plans - Even though the home-built bearcat roadster or other favorite model does not compare in every detail with the luxurious manufactured cars, it has an individuality that puts it in a class by itself. The amateur mechanic, or the ambitious boy who is fairly skilled with tools, can build at least the main parts for his own small car of the simple, practical design shown in the sketch and detailed in the working drawings. If necessary, he can call more skilled mechanics to his aid. A motorcycle engine or other small gasoline motor is used for the power plant.The control mechanism of the engine and the electrical connections are similar to those of a motorcycle. They are installed to be controlled handily from the driver's seat.The car is built without springs, but these may included, if desired.Or the necessary comfort may provided--in part, at least--by a cushioned seat. Strong bicycle wheels are used, the 1 1/2-by- 28-in. size being suitable. The hood may be of wood, or of sheet metal, built over a frame of strap iron. The top of the hood can be lifted off, and the entire hood can also be removed, when repairs are to be made. The toolbox on the rear of the frame can be replaced by a larger compartment, or rack, for transporting loads, or an extra seat for a passenger.

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