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BBQ Table Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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BBQ Table plansFree BBQ Table plans - A very nice hexagonal shaped barbecue or picnic table. All dimensions are in mm (millimetres) The timber sizes referred to in his project are ex 150x40 and ex 100x50. Ex means the nominal size which is the size of the timber before it is dressed (smooth, gauged, planed). When the timber is dressed, the actual size is then less than the nominal size. For example: 150x40 when dressed may become 140x35 actual size and 100x50 when dressed may become 94x46 actual size. The Actual sizes can vary slightly from area to area but that should not have any effect on the dimensions given through-out this project. What will vary, depending on the actual size of the timber, is the gap between each row of table top boards and seat boards.

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