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Bowsaw Plans

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Bowsaw plansFree Bowsaw plans - Each class member built a turning saw. A turning saw is a type of bow saw; bow saws, in turn, are a type of frame of frame saw. A bow saw consists of two arms held apart by a central stretchers. A blade (in this case, bandsaw blade stock) is attached to the lower end of the arms by slotted brass rods. A pin, which goes through the rods and through a hole in the blade, holds the blade in place. The rods are glued, threaded, or pinned to knobs that bear against the outside of the arms. These knobs can turn (hence the name turning saw), thereby changing the orientation of the blade in realation to the frame, much like a coping saw. Turning saws are very useful, performing tasks that are usually performed today by power tools, such as the scroll saw and the band saw.

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