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Folding step ladder Plans

Date added:2011-09-08
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Folding step ladder plansFree Folding step ladder plans - The step ladder is a practical tool, which you can easily and quickly use to climb and reach things stored on high place at home or in the store, workshop, library… It is very useful at home for washing the windows, hanging picture and curtains, etc. The ladder can also be used as a support or a stand.We are presenting the plan for wooden folding step ladder, which can be made quite easily in the carpentry workshop. This step ladder is very suitable for its folding, so after using it you can easily fold it and put away. This ladder is small and light, so that even women can easily carry it and use. Carefully sand all the parts to get a smooth surface. This is important because the step ladder needs to be hold, carried and set by hands every time we use it, so if the surface is not smooth, there is a big chance for injury by splinters. Finish can be transparent to highlight the natural wood appearance, or it can have applied colour to fit the interior.

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