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Benchtop Spill Plane Plans

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Benchtop Spill Plane plansFree Benchtop Spill Plane plans - Not only is this an interesting plan, but it is also an interesting story. If you dont know what a spill plane is, check out this free woodworking plan to find out more.Here's some construction details and photos for the benchtop spill plane Roy Underhill made in The Woodwright's Shop (2002 season, episode 2205). A spill plane is used to make long tightly curled shavings (called spills) that were used to move fire around in a home, the way a match would be used today. Most spill planes were craftsman made and used to convert any scrap into spills for his home or to offer at the local pub for a beer. A jar of spills would be kept on the mantle for use in lighting a candle or pipe from the fireplace.

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