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When I built my first deck, almost 20 years ago, I thought I had it all figured out. 4 exhausting months later, I still was not done - I thought I had every detail measured out, only to find that I have got it all WRONG. So I decided to find a...

All-purpose ladder
The story never varies. If I am doing outside work and need a ladder, I spend nearly as much time trying to set up the ladders as I do in completing the actual work. I find that I need more room, more height, more hands, and more patience for me...

Folding step ladder
The step ladder is a practical tool, which you can easily and quickly use to climb and reach things stored on high place at home or in the store, workshop, library… It is very useful at home for washing the windows, hanging picture and...

Jacob’s Ladder
Let’s depart from the outdoor furniture plans for a minute. Here is a simple plan for a Jacob’s Ladder. If you don’t know what a Jacobs ladder, you will certainly recognize it once you see the toy. You will probably proclaim so...

Log Ladders, Notched
Ever since man learned to use edged tools he has made ladders or steps, or whatever you may call them, by notching logs (Figs. 169 and 170).

Plant Ladder
This trellis ladder combines the beauty and durability of cedar with copper rungs, that over time, will take on copper's weathered appearance. Perfect for the deck or to lean against a tree, the ladder's multi-tiered shelves allow for a...

Primitive Ladder
How to replicate an indigenous, wooden ladder. We used a bandsaw to remove the bulk of the notches. The detail and finish work was done with a small adze. Other woods would work including sections of logs. Try to find well seasoned wood (standing...

Swim ladder
Let’s face it: If you have a dock or a swim raft at your cottage, it’s pretty much a given that you need a ladder. I know your daughter’s skinny 18-year-old boyfriend can exit the water gracefully unaided, but those of us who can...

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