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Wooden Outdoor Shower Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Wooden Outdoor Shower plansFree Wooden Outdoor Shower plans - You will need four 8 ft posts to get this shower started and the rest is all wood plus pvc pipe. You can buy one at WalMart for under a hundred dollars. However, if you want it quality and stationary you will need to build it yourself. You will need to set a post in the ground. If you know how to set a fence post, it is the same thing. Just dig the hole a third of the length of the post. Fill in the hole with two 80 lb. bags of concrete. Set the post with a post level. Finally, mix water in the hole with a dig bar or shovel handle. You will need a post that is at least 8 feet tall. It depends on how high you want the shower to be.

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