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Ffreestanding Pergola Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Ffreestanding Pergola plansFree Ffreestanding Pergola plans - Whether you build a small arbor, or a larger pergola, this is a garden structure that will increase your enjoyment of the garden and add value to your property. While it will not protect you from wind and rain, and it will not provide shade unless fitted with a canopy or other kind of covering, it will define an outdoor space. At a later stage you can add additional features to provide more protection, or plant a climber or creeper to provide shade. The materials used for your pergola can be pine or meranti, the former being the most affordable, or even a hardwood or exotic timber. There are no measurements given for the pergola, but we do provide information on the various parts and assembly that will help you to build a pergola of any size in your garden.

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