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Simple CD cabinet Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Simple CD cabinet plansFree Simple CD cabinet plans - Find some old shutters that are fairly small and elegant. Test them for width to be sure they will accommodate a CD case. Communities and individuals are beginning to reclaim all kinds of things from houses that are being torn down or from the curbside waste piles. There are several in the Toronto, Ontario, area. These salvage depots are wonderful to look through for discarded objects that can have a second life. Many of the materials used in homes today are reproductions made from pressed wood or plastic. In these reclaimed materials warehouses, one can find originals made from high quality wood that is not available any more. It iss a shame to just put the good stuff in a landfill and replace it with plastic or pressed-wood preserved with formaldehyde, when the same or better objects can be found in the salvage shops.

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