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Marble Top Coffee Table Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Marble Top Coffee Table plansFree Marble Top Coffee Table plans - When one too many houseguest has forgotten to use a coaster and your coffee table needs to be replaced, consider this quick but elegant DIY option. And visit the manufacturer 80/20, who created a kit especially for this project that will allow you to quickly assemble the base.I recently became aware that we needed a new coffee table. Let me rephrase that. My wife made me aware that we needed a new coffee table. Those kinds of revelations happen when you are married. We hadd bought a coffee table at a tag sale 20 years ago, and although it served us well, I have to admit that my wife was right. The table was beginning to look a little dated. I drew up several designs for a replacement; I decided to forgo wood, opting instead to use extruded aluminum tubing for the base and a marble slab for the top. I was looking for a clean, mechanical, minimalist design. The base is made from fractional 15 Series smooth T-slotted aluminum, an extruded material with slots that accept connectors. You simply slide the legs, stretchers and connectors together

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