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Paddle Lifejacket Hanger Plans

Category:Coat Racks and Coat Trees
Date added:2011-09-08
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Paddle Lifejacket Hanger plansFree Paddle Lifejacket Hanger plans - Give old paddles and oars that are too cracked and worn for boating a second life on the waterfront as an all-purpose life jacket rack. It is a perfect hang-up for all those cottage PFDs and other odds and ends scattered around the dock, waiting to be tripped over or blown by a gust of wind into the lake. If it is a conversation piece you are looking for, just bring the rack inside and use for coats during the winter months. This project uses a complete oar as well as both ends of four paddles, plus the handle of one more, so not much is left for kindling. We found a beautiful, rustic oar and kept it in its original condition (hardware, peeling paint, and all); it became our inspiration for the rest of the project.

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