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Cabin Cruiser - 22 Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Cabin Cruiser - 22 plansFree Cabin Cruiser - 22 plans - Sunapee is a sturdy well-built day cruiser that can be used for comfortable extended cruising. Sunapee is a sturdy, well-built boat which in three years of active service has more than justified its designer's ideas for a day cruiser which could be used, if necessary, for comfortable extended cruising. Before building a boat of this type, you should thoroughly acquaint yourself with the general science of boatbuilding. This knowledge can be obtained from any of the mass of textbooks dealing with the subject available in the public library. This manual itself is probably sufficient reference for anyone able to handle tools. Next, thoroughly study the plans. Additional and very complete plans of the individual frames are available withe blue prints as advertised on the pages of article.

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