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Adirondack Chair, Footstool and Table Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Adirondack Chair, Footstool and Table plansFree Adirondack Chair, Footstool and Table plans - Homemade patio furniture is an excellent weekend project to complement a deck or patio. With a good set of instructions, a few basic power tools, and a little know-how, the results can be outstanding. For this project, we selected the classic Adirondack style patio furniture founded in the resorts and lodges of the Adirondack Mountains. What makes this style unique—particularly the chairs -- are the rounded backrest, wide armrests, slatted seat and angled supports that give it a reclined look. Also, we decided to use cedar, but pine is also commonly used for outdoor furniture. It weathers faster than redwood or cedar. But if you're painting the chair, pine is also a good choice. Building Adirondack furniture involves some special angle cuts, so a detailed plan really plays a key part in getting good results. Our furniture plans came from Wood

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