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Book Case Plans and instructions Plans

Date added:2011-09-08
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Book Case Plans and instructions plansFree Book Case Plans and instructions plans - This page trys to describe the basics of building a simple bookcase. The plans offered at the bottom of this page can be easily altered to any height or width. This bookcase is 41" tall by 42" wide and was made for my grandson Michael's bedroom. There is a short back to the top shelf to help keep stuff from sliding off and a toe kick under the bottom shelf, cause kids will be standing on it! I used red oak for my shelves, to match other furniture in the room, but, ash, maple, cherry, or any hard wood is fine. I wouldn't recommend pine as it is soft and the joints would tend to get loose and fail. I won't go into detail on how to cut the shelves and sides to size. I'll start with cutting the "blind dados" that the shelves will fit into.

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