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Inovative Woodworking Project Plans
You do not have to be a professional builder to build an amazing patio, deck, picnic table, small building, or revitalize your home with a sleek new design, look, and feel. In fact, you do not even have to know anything about woodworking or...

48 Inch Flat Top Bookcase
This project was going to be another project and it somehow morphed into this project. Weird when that happens... but I think it is an accidentally perfect set of bankable shelves that will help you contain the toy mess. Or perhaps in my case the...

Build these shelves to the lengths given, or make them longer or shorter to fit your needs. Fastening is done with white or yellow wood glue, polyurethane glue and (optional) brad nails from a pneumatic brad nailer.

Bar Bookcase
Multipurpose furniture is always an efficient additions for small spaces, but this dual purpose Bar Bookcase woodwork plan is a great way to have a functional bar table without your living space looking like the local pub. The free bar bookcase...

Barrister Bookcase
Plans for a handsome barrister bookcase that has individual shelf units each with a framed glass sliding door. Almost everyone likes the look of barrister bookcases. But what makes them so appealing? I think there are a number of characteristics...

Basic bookshelves
The most basic of bookshelves is simply a stack of boxes open on one side. Here are four possible construction techniques for these boxes. This design is intended for light weight storage somplace like a garage, basement, or attic. It is not...

Basic Case of Shelves
This shelf case is designed specifically for DVDs but you can alter the dimensions and basic design to suit whatever you want it to hold. I ‘m a big movie fan. I like action movies, monster movies, thrillers, comedies, dramas, westerns, you...

Bibliophiles Bookcase
This large case-on-case shelving unit is adapted from similar pieces I have seen in private libraries and in stately homes. I also dug up a few pictures from the Sothebys and Christies auction sites, where the form is referred to as a bibliotheque...

Boat Bookcase
This unique boat bookcase is sure to be a talking point in the home of any woodworker. The steps for making this free woodworking project plan from Emporium Indonesia are as follows. Free wood boat bookcase plan.

Bon Voyage!
This fun and relatively easy project fits almost anywhere. It's a great shelf for collectibles and books, and a conversation piece on its own. Inspired by the photograph of the old canoe bookcase below, we built our "boat" out of maple stock, but...

Book Caddy
A beautiful table-top book rack. Spices up any decor. The usual way to hold books on top of a shelf or cabinet is with bookends- but here is an alternate way that is attractive in its own right and also tilts the books upward so you can read the...

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