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Bow From a Sapling Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Bow From a Sapling plansFree Bow From a Sapling plans - How to make a bow from a sapling. I had a letter in connection with my fletching article, from a young man in the United Kingdom who was struggling with his first bowyering project. A bow from a sapling. My reply more or less reconstituted a bow building project that I undertook back when I first became interested in primitive technology. An archeologist, primitive technologist and bowyer, from Germany, Thomas Rudhardt, walked me through my first successful primitive bow making project via a mail list serve, The Primitive Skills Group. Since this is a project that a lot of people are interested in periodically, I have pulled my thoughts together on this. A bow from a sapling can be as potent a weapon as you could hope for and will take big game, and can be made successfully with a minimum of tools.

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