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28 Foot Sharpie Sail Boat Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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28 Foot Sharpie Sail Boat plansFree 28 Foot Sharpie Sail Boat plans - Back in 1984 WoodenBoat published an article featuring the plans for Ralph M. Munroes Egret. (WoodenBoat #56,Plan 400-042 Also in Fifty Wooden Boats) They accompanied an article by Bill Schwicker which showed his plywood and epoxy interpretation of the boat. I must have been impressionable, and the article was very well written, because I have carried it around ever since. Now and again I would take it out and think about it real hard, but circumstances never allowed me to get serious. That article was, I think, the first time I would seen a story about someone with modest resources building a full-sized boat. Two years ago, I bought the plans. It is time to make it happen. Since the web page for my last boatbuilding project went over pretty well, I thought I would post a construction log for this one as well.

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