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Good Saw Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Good Saw plansFree Good Saw plans - I really enjoy using hand saws, especially old ones. Back in the mid to late 18th Century when saws started to be mass produced, they were the most costly and technologically difficult woodworking tool to make. Consider that in a chisel of that vintage, only a small part of the tool is actually cast steel, the part of the blade that actually holds an edge and does the cutting. In a saw, the entire blade is cast steel. To make it even more interesting, the blade had to be rolled to a uniform thickness, hardened and tempered, and finally "glazed" or taper ground to a high sheen. This was not an easy job to be sure. Also consider that files were hand cut, one by one, and were used to form and file the teeth on the saw. The job was finished by hand setting the teeth with a wrest and fitting the blade to a handle. It is no small wonder that very few examples of 18th century saws exist. They were simply too valuable a commodity, being used until there was virtually no blade left.

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