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The Complete Intarsia Manual
There are quite a few books by intarsians that explain their techniques. Hundreds more have been published covering different tools, woods and finishes - plus of course there are thousands of websites packed with information. The trouble is it can...

Angle Rest and Jigs
My reason for making an Angle Rest was born out of a need to have a means of holding Jigs or Guides for Projects that had an element of Repetitiveness involved, in particular an idea I had for a Deep Grooving Guide. As it turned out I have found...

Ball Turning Jig
Although I already had a Ball Cutting Jig with my Multi-Function Baseboard System I had the need for a more compact and an easier to set up Ball Cutting Jig for the making of one off's. There were a number of designs available on various...

Bottle Stopper Jig
One of the easiest projects for a beginning turner to undertake has to be bottle stoppers. They require little wood, the corks and dowels are quite cheap, and they afford new turners an excellent opportunity to develop tool control, particularly...

Bowl turning attachment
This attachment has some advantages over the original LD stand. The main ones are that much less space is required to the left of the lathe and the stand can be detached and stored where it is not in the way. In conjunction with the swivel head it...

Cam Lock Conversion for Cross Slide
When the Clamping Mechanism of my Cross Slide [Banjo] started to show signs of wear and tare I looked into the possibility of changing to a Cam Lock method of clamping the Cross Slide in position as this appeared to be a better solution to the...

Centering Donut Chuck for Reverse Turning
Donut chucks and cole jaws have both been around for a long time. I decided to combine them to make a new version of a donut chuck that centers the turning. A donut chuck is used to hold the turning reversed so the bottom can be turned. One...

Chisel Holder
It helps to have a chisel holder when you're working on a lathe. Most Woodturners like to change chisels frequently, and it's a real timesaver to have them handy.

Gingery Style Lathe
Yes I too am building a metal working shop from scrap using the books written by Mr. Dave Gingery. I figured, hey I already have a foundry why not build some really nifty machines? Besides what is a laboratory without a precision indexing head or...

Homemade Woodturning Lathe
The woodturning lathe described here and pictured above is the 4th homemade lathe that I will have built. The frame should be constructed of hardwood (maple is excellent but expensive). In the southeastern states of the US, southern yellow pine is...

This article from Lee Valley features a quiet, hand-built, easy to use lathe for those who\\\'d rather do their woodturning old school. Build it yourself in a weekend using unfussy construction and basic materials.

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