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Straw Bale Cold Frame Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Straw Bale Cold Frame plansFree Straw Bale Cold Frame plans - A plan for bales of straw arranged in a rectangular shape and secured with wooden stakes. Many avid gardeners find themselves in a predicament when winter arrives – you have too many tender plants (that you would rather not compost) and not enough storage space. Since most homes have a limited number of available windowsills and few homeowners have a greenhouse (or can afford to heat one), one solution is to build a cold frame for your plants using bales of straw. Straw bales are cheap and easy to lift into place. (As an added bonus, you will have plenty of mulch come next spring!) The straw cold frame is best suited to shelter newly acquired plants and rooted cuttings that may not handle freezing weather. They can also be used to protect container plants or any tender growers you may have dug up and stuck in temporary pots for overwintering. Be warned, however: This structure will not work for tropicals that can not handle even a light frost.

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