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The Complete Intarsia Manual
There are quite a few books by intarsians that explain their techniques. Hundreds more have been published covering different tools, woods and finishes - plus of course there are thousands of websites packed with information. The trouble is it can...

C-Clamp Handle
I often use a C-clamp when setting up a tool. But sometimes the sliding bar, used to tighten the clamp, gets in the way. Before each turn, I have to slide the bar all the way to the opposite side. It's a pain.

Align Miters with Clamp Blocks
A band clamp does a great job of applying even pressure when gluing up boxes and other square projects. But if the project has mitered corners like a picture frame (Photo), then a band clamp has problems.

Auxiliary Vise
One of the things I like best about woodworkers is that we’re always thinking. For example, if we don’t have a tool or a jig that we need to do something, we make it ourselves, or come up with a work around.

Bench Holdfast
It seems to me that bench holdfasts are a lot less common these days than they used to be. That's too bad -- they're really a great way to secure boards to a workbench. But don't take my word for it. If your bench has holes for bench dogs, you can...

Clamp Cart
Are you tripping over clamps in your shop? Or worse yet, do you have to search for the right one when you need it? This storage cart will solve both problems by keeping all of your clamps organized and close at hand. You can buy the materials for...

Clip-On Lamp Holder
I like the extra light that a clip-on lamp gives when I work. The problem is there never seems to be a convenient place to attach one. To solve this problem, I devised a holder for my shop that can be placed almost anywhere. This holder allows the...

Overhead Clamp Holder
I found that I'd accumulated so many small clamps that storing them was becoming a problem. So I resolved to come up with a storage system that would keep my numerous bar clamps and spring clamps out of the way but still within easy reach. It...

Pipe Clamp Cradles
Whenever you use pipe clamps to glue up a solid-wood panel (which is quite often), you'll need some way to steady the clamps and keep them from tipping over.

Plywood Scarf Clamping Jig
Have you ever needed a scarfing jig. Boy, I cant count the number of times that Ive needed one of these babies. Im assuming that it has something to do with boating, so thats why its listed here. The keys to this technique are the overhanging edge...

Slip-On Clamp Blocks
When edge gluing boards, I use scrap blocks to distribute the clamping pressure and avoid marring the edges. But sometimes the blocks shift out of position or fall to the floor before I get the clamps tightened. To solve this problem, I made a...

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