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Handy sports organizer Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Handy sports organizer plansFree Handy sports organizer plans - Here are some helpful links to get you started on your dream cottage projects. The garage seemed big enough when you moved in. Of course, that was a few years ago and now you're trying to park a minivan where the sedan used to sit. The kids are also getting bigger, which means bigger bikes leaning against the walls. And the skateboards, scooters, rollerblades and soccer balls seem to be multiplying and taking over what little space remains! This sports organizer is designed to be a simple garage accessory to help you pack a lot of stuff into a small and narrow space. It is a lot easier to keep the garage clean if you have a proper place to store things. I designed this organizer as a series of modules. Depending on your needs, you can make more or less of each kind of module, as well as mix and match to suit your situation. You don't need fancy material to build this project. A few 2x4s, some 1x2s, 1x3s and leftover pieces of plywood will do very well.

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