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Wooden Folding Camp Chair Plans

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Wooden Folding Camp Chair plansFree Wooden Folding Camp Chair plans - These plans are based upon several designs used by scouts in our council. Some people call this a scissors chair. The chair is composed to two pieces: the seat and the back. The two pieces slip together and require no fasteners when used. When carried the seat stows between the sides of the back for a very compact package.All pieces are cut from a strong hardwood like oak. The Seat Legs and Back Legs are cut from these pieces to formed curved pieces. The Seat Leg is 2 inch wide. The Back Legs are 2.5 inch wide except for regions that taper to 3 inch wide to form 1/2 inch backstops for seat supports. See the seat support detail. If a softwood or plywood is used it is best to increase thickness of the legs from .75 inch to 1 inch and increase the thickness of the slats from 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch. All parts are glued with water-proof glue and fastened with 4d galvanized finish nails or rust resistant screws. Note: the legs are cut out of larger pieces so they can be curved.

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