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How To Build A Tree House
I have been making tree houses since I was very small. My dad loved to help me, and he created some life long memories that I will cherish forever. Buying a ready-built tree house does not have the same effect.. and it costs a heck of a lot more...

Craft Paper Roll Holder
Make a craft paper roll holder! Free step by step diy plans to build your own craft paper roll holder.

Cupcake Chalkboard
Would be great as a dress-up mirror too! This model is designed as a plan, and uses 1x2s and 1x4s. I recommend using hardboard (it\'s cheap and smooth) to make your chalkboard with. A simple hinge at the top and a chain in between to keep the two...

Curious bookshelf
Styled after European row houses, this bookcase is a playful way to organize your kids' room. A child's imagination can turn ordinary objects into exciting and creative things. They look at a big cardboard box and see a fortress; they turn a plain...

Desk under Loft bed
Many of our customers have requested plans for building a desk under their OP Loftbed. This addition is almost a necessity for loft beds in college dorm rooms. Note that this desk is designed to only work with the OP Loftbed.

DIY Chalkboard Speech Bubbles
While I channel Madonna for a brief moment..I pose a question to all of you: How do you express yourself? Many of you who read this little old bloggy poo, know that the expression shown below is one of my regulars. I thought it only fitting that...

DIY Kids Here There Anywhere Play Table
There is something about miniaturized furniture that is just so adorable. Rather than give you plans for a basic square table, which I am fairly certain many of you might be able to figure out on your own, I thought I might share Construction...

DIY Wall Mounted Chalkboard Artists Studio
I love the idea of having this mounted on the wall. Low and out of the way, not taking up a lot of floor space, this is my kind of Kid Item. If you are limited on square footage or you are quite simply not loving the idea of a large-ish chalkboard...

Easel for children
Give a young artist a gift of creative fun with an easel that's inexpensive to build. My nieces are big on colouring, painting and crafts, as most kids are. But whenever I visit them, I notice that their crayons and markers end up everywhere. I...

Easy Kids Tent
Only one cut and easy-to-follow instructions make for a kid-sized reading nook that you can build today! This is a simple project that comes together in an hour or less. You need recycled material for the panels and approximately $20 worth of...

Folding Easel
A folding easel is an ideal activity and learning centre for young children. This easel is a great way to entertain a young child, and subtly reinforce learning at the same time. Its double-sided design incorporates a chalk board, a wipe board and...

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