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How To Build A Tree House
I have been making tree houses since I was very small. My dad loved to help me, and he created some life long memories that I will cherish forever. Buying a ready-built tree house does not have the same effect.. and it costs a heck of a lot more...

Little Cottage Loft Bed
A totally buildable playhouse loft bed that can be easily assembled in rooms. Features cottage styling, open ladder, full railings, three large windows and a doorway. Freestanding.

Loft Bed Book Shelf
Everyone wants to maximize the space under their loftbed. These free plans show you how to build book shelves between the ladder steps of your OP Loftbed.

Loft bed Closet Rod
These pictures will show you how you can quickly, easily, and inexpensively add some extra clothes storage under your OP Loftbed. If you need more closet space, this is the loft bed enhancement that you\'ve been looking for!

Loft Bed Dimensional Drawing
If you need detailed dimensional measurements for the OP Loftbed, this drawing is what you are looking for. It shows leg heights, outside dimensions, and mattress platform heights for all OP Loftbed sizes and models. Tall Height (Original), Medium...

Loft Bed Guardrail Side Table or Shelf
It\'s really difficult to find a six foor tall night stand to hold your telephone, alarm clock, and other items beside your loft bed. This easy to build shelf simply fits over the guard rails of your OP Loftbed and can be easily slid to any position.

Loft Bed Metal Handles
Not so much a free design, as an idea for enhancing your OP Loftbed. This page shows you how to add handles to your OP Loftbed to make it easier for small children to get into and out of the loft bed. Check out the animation of the handles in use!

Loft Style Bunk Bed
These loft bed plans will thrill your toddler or young child. A loft bunk bed is a great place for sleep and play. The bed is like a fort for a young child and provides some much needed floor space in a smaller bedroom. The total cost of the...

Low Loft Bunk Bed
Now, I am going to assume most of you have kiddos...or will have kiddos...or your kiddos have grown and have their own kiddos..either way I know this will excite you because the project I will share with you retails for more than $1300 when you...

Numbered Cubbies on the Wall
Plans to build a Pottery Barn Kids inspired Number Cubby Shelf. This shelf features eight small cubbies in a vintage paint finish. Free simple step by step plans use standard lumber and simple tools. Build this Number Cubby Shelf for under $10.

Outdoor Table For Kids
An outdoor table made to measure for our kids, what a great idea! Whether it is for birthday parties or family diners, your children will be happy to eat or to play around a place specifically designed for them. This table can also be used inside....

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