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DIY Chalkboard Speech Bubbles Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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DIY Chalkboard Speech Bubbles plansFree DIY Chalkboard Speech Bubbles plans - While I channel Madonna for a brief moment..I pose a question to all of you: How do you express yourself? Many of you who read this little old bloggy poo, know that the expression shown below is one of my regulars. I thought it only fitting that this is how I express myself in my very own speech bubble! How will you express yourself in yours? I would love to see pictures of your finished projects with a single word (or small phrase) written in your bubble that best expresses who you are. What a fun little project this will be. Speech Bubbles are all the rage for weddings and as photography props, but why not make them out of something a bit more lasting than foam board. I think these are a fun alternative to a family message board near the telephone or near the entryway. How about in a kiddos room for a different and yet even more fun version of a chalkboard display. Begin by tracing the shape you desire your speech bubble to have onto your plywood. You will want to do this on the side that will be the bottom, and you should choose that side according to which of the sides has the most noticeable grain pattern and texture, that side…will be the bottom. The side that is the smoothest will be the side you ultimately want to use for the chalk board surface. There is a good reason for this, which you will see in the next couple of steps! I just used a red colored pencil that I found stuck under the couch cushion. My point…use anything that you can see, or that will show up adequately for you to cut along.

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