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Wooden Racetrack Toy Plans

Date added:2011-09-08
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Wooden Racetrack Toy plansFree Wooden Racetrack Toy plans - Solid wood construction and oversized dimensions make this Land of Nod Inspired Wooden Racetrack Toy more functional than the original and more cost effective as well! The original is not all that costly, it is just that it is dimensions make it entirely unusable for anything other than the 4 supplied wooden cars that have a much more narrow frame than the average Matchbox Car. While I love the fact that it comes with cars, I know that my little guy would be sorely disappointed to find that none of his other cars or trucks fit on the tracks, that his other toy Voomers are too wide, and that the return area or drop down space of each subsequent track is not long enough to allow other cars to land properly and travel from one track to the next because the gap is to short, and they most definitely do not fit under the space between tracks. Even if 2 out of the 3 issues were non existent, just one of these issues existing means it still will not function for other cars no matter what. Well that just will not do... So while I am embarking on the adventure of designing and building play furniture, toys, and other various Gift-Centric items, for my Santas Hand Built Holiday Workshop Series, I felt the need to include this plan, for all of you parents out there with would-be disappointed car lovin youngsters (just like me). My favorite thing about building furniture, and now toys, rather than buying, is that I get to customize the colors. For me this is crucial and is the difference between a piece of furniture working for me or not working at all. The same applies to customizing an item so that I get more out of it. Making this larger and wider is the only thing that makes sense for my lifestyle and if you have boys who play with cars, cars, cars..like I do, it is ridiculous to allocate a portion of my holiday budget toward something that only works with the supplied couple of cars, and nothing else. How about modifying this even further and adding more color and a racing checkerboard flag? All of you race car driving fans out there will love this idea!

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