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Guitar stand Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Guitar stand plansFree Guitar stand plans - A woodwork project for a guitarist. A free guitar stand plan. I built this as an alternative to the rubber-coated metal stands, to avoid damage to nitro-finished guitars. It is made of poplar board and assembled with wood screws and bolts for disassembly. If you are a guitarist who is also handy with a hammer, consider building your own one-of-a-kind guitar stand with the help of some good guitar stand plans. Guitar stands from the music store are typically inexpensive metal models that look dreadful, are not that secure, and are always falling apart. These cheap models can usually be broken down into three or more parts, but this feature means that there is always a high risk of one of those parts not making it back from a gig some evening. More expensive models may be constructed with superior parts and might not come apart, but they generally also lack aesthetic appeal. The do-it-yourself hobbyist, however, can have the best of all worlds: a great looking, sturdy and inexpensive guitar stand that you\'d be proud to display in your home or take on stage at a gig. All you need is the right equipment and to know where to look to find the right plans.

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