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DIY PVC Multiple Guitar Stand Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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DIY PVC Multiple Guitar Stand plansFree DIY PVC Multiple Guitar Stand plans - Height is 32 inches. Width is 27 inches. Front/back is 32 inches. I started by building the base first. I used 4 elbows on the ends to give it a slight off the floor elevation. Here is an example pic the one side of the base. I have dry-fitted the rubber insulation foam. This is where the lower bout of the guitars will rest. Pretty easy to make. I used a metal saw and a dremel to cut throught the plasic. If you use a dremel have good ventilation as the melted plastic stinks. The caps go on the end of the teeth. The rubber foam is very cheap-less than $5 for 6 feet. It has two self adhesive strips on both sides of the slit. It is very sicky so care is needed when doing the final fit. I used PVC cement on the top elbow joints - did not want to risk it popping apart and dropping the guitars. I measured for 6 inches between the teeth for the archtops and 4 inches for the other two slots. One improvement you should consider is adding a cross support halfway up the back. The unit is fairly sturdy now but does have a little sideways looseness.

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