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Outdoor Bar Plans

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Outdoor Bar plansFree Outdoor Bar plans - Patio Outdoor Bars come in many styles and designs to fit your outdoor lifestyle. Your outdoor bar plans can make the difference between an outdoor party that is ok to one where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed, and has a great time. Outdoor bars also give you the best way to limit traffic in and out of your house when holding outdoor parties. Limiting traffic will keep cleanup mostly to your backyard and make your overall party experience a better one too. Let us go over the basic styles and features of some patio bars: The first design decision you need to make is whether you want a wet or dry bar. A wet bar offers great convenience and will provide a very nice touch to your deck or patio. A beer kegerator, refrigeration, and various storage options are just some of the things that can make it a complete bar. The downside is it will be quite a bit more expensive as you have to figure in plumbing for the bar. You need to account for an inlet line for water coming in. Depending on how elaborate you want it to be, you can have hot and cold water, where a hot water source would have to be provided. And a drain line or reservoir for water going out will also have to be put in. Based on your wishes you can choose between a wide variety of outdoor bar plans like outdoor pull up bar plans, outdoor patio bar plans, outdoor tiki bar plans, etc.

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