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Custom Cutting Board Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Custom Cutting Board plansFree Custom Cutting Board plans - All woodworkers, at one time or another, will try their hand at making a cutting board. Both of the boards here are quick and fun projects that use small pieces of wood that are too nice to throw out. I typically make three or four boards at once, since it isn’t much more work than making just one. Also, having an extra cutting board (or two) on hand gives you a few “emergency” presents for those unexpected events. All cutting boards are either end-grain or side-grain designs, depending on which orientation of wood acts as the cutting surface. The two designs here are small boards intended for cheese or bread. The first is made of strips of oak and walnut. Oak, a fairly open-pored wood, is not a typical choice for cutting boards; however, the board isn’t an end-grain project, so oak won’t cause any trouble. The second board is made of strips of maple, purpleheart and walnut, also oriented side-grain up. For your own board, you can choose the same species I did or pick your own. Generally, any wood with a tight grain pattern and small pores is a good choice. I’ve also used teak, jatoba, cherry, beech and even bamboo for other boards.

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