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Wooden Childs Rocker Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Wooden Childs Rocker plansFree Wooden Childs Rocker plans - Plans for a sturdy plywood chair that can be disassembled and stored flat. Kids are always in motion. It is not easy to get them even to sit down in a chair. But this rocker lets them work off energy while staying in one place. And rocking can be just as soothing for children as it tends to be for adults. Kids love it. Childrens Furniture Projects provides a mix of projects that has something for woodworkers of all skill levels. The ten projects -- ranging from this excerpt to a fanciful rocking dinosaur to sturdy childrens beds -- are designed to help make the childrens room as well furnished as any other room in the house. Jeff Miller, winner of the 1998 Stanley Award for Chairmaking & Design, is also the author of Beds. A professional furniture maker and father of two, he also designs childrens furniture.

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