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Wood Barn and Silo Bookshelf Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Wood Barn and Silo Bookshelf plansFree Wood Barn and Silo Bookshelf plans - A Doll house for boys? Well, not exactly... but kind of? It is no secret to most of us who are moms to boys that boys like play houses just as much as girls do, in fact some of them do not mind dolls either...assuming of course those dolls make good crash test dummies...as is the case for my boy! Cut your Silo to length and carve out a rounded section with a 5 1/2 inch radius (height from center of curved to the stopping point for the curved portion). Cut your Barn Walls to length. We are using 1x12s for 90% of this project so it will mainly be a focus on cutting to length...easy peasy right? Attach your Silo to the back of one of your barn walls (can go on either side). The edge of your sil will be flush with the inside edge of the barn wall and will be attached using 2 inch wood screws and glue.

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