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Strip Laminate Chair Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Strip Laminate Chair plansFree Strip Laminate Chair plans - he stilts worked GREAT. thankyouthankyou for putting such detailed plans online! I own a pair of drywall stilts. they are fun, but clunky and not very secure. i was so amazed at how a few simple loops of webstrap on your stilts could secure my feet so well! I followed your plans as best i could, and i\'m glad i did- they performed wonderfully.(at Burning Man) I spent a large amount of time on the stilts, and the more i played around on the playa, the better i got- i could run, leap, and jump on them. Aside from a few adjustments to the footstraps every few hours or so, once those stilts were on, they were ON. As far as advice goes, the only addition i would like to make is some sort of rubber padding or something on the feet- or maybe just wear extra socks in my boots. after hours and hours of trundling across the playa, my feet began to get sore on stilts from the shock of the playa rock.

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