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Chest of Drawers Plans

Date added:2011-09-08
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Chest of Drawers plansFree Chest of Drawers plans - A surprisingly easy project that can be finished in a weekend. Building a chest of drawers is a surprisingly easy project and is well worth the effort as it means that you can build a chest that is large enough to fit all of your particulars in it. Typically, you can build this chest of drawers in a weekend, although you should expect the project to take a little longer if you intend to paint it. The best way to approach building a chest of drawers is to break it down into a number of distinct tasks that can be attached together at a later stage. The front of the chest is rather unimpressive, at least until you add the decorative trim at the end of the project. The side pieces are joined to the middle, top and bottom planks by using lap joints. Take one of the side pieces and cut out the following grooves to a depth of 3/8 inch. Note that these grooves should be in the back of the side pieces. All grooves should be cut in 1 inch from the inside edge (see diagram for more explanation).

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