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Medicine cabinet makeover Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Medicine cabinet makeover plansFree Medicine cabinet makeover plans - From metal box to Mission style, this makeover transforms the bathroom. We look into them all the time, fumble around inside as we struggle to start our day, but do we give much thought to the lowly medicine cabinet? Probably not. You likely have one of these metal or plastic medicine cabinets in your bathroom, with all the usual weaknesses. The metal ones rust, the plastic ones crack, and neither have enough space. Isn't it time you made something better? This upgraded cabinet is nothing more than a melamine-coated particleboard box with a solid wood face frame and mirrored door. Melamine is the perfect material for the bathroom because it is inexpensive and easy to clean. You can get it in sheets, but I used precut shelf stock. This project is custom work. Your medicine cabinet won't be the same size as mine. That's why I've given you a building method rather than exact sizes that probably wouldn't be of much use. It's crucial to measure the cabinet opening before you start to build. All of this starts by tearing out the old medicine cabinet. The thin blade of a cat's-paw prybar works well for levering out the cabinet.

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